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webassets/bugpencil.jpeg   Talk of the Town

webassets/sun.jpgMs.Suzie, We feel truly blessed that you have been part of Owen's journey. You will be forever treasured in our hearts.
With love Karen and Jake  6-12-2014
webassets/sun.jpgMiss Suzie, You were great with Ava and you're great with Braden! Have a wonderful summer and thank you for being an amazing teacher!
Jackie and Darin  6-13-2014
webassets/sun.jpgSuzie, Thank you so much for all you have done for Samuel and our family this year. Every day he is so excited to go to school and learn something new. It's clear that you don't just show up for a job but that you care about what you're doing and the children too. Thanks again.
The Parkers 6-13-2014

webassets/sun.jpg"Thank you so much Miss Lynnette for being such a loving role model in Zaeden's life.
We are all better off for your influence."
Jennifer Jones

webassets/sun.jpg"Miss Lynnette, Thank you so much for all you have done for Paije. She loves school so much!
2 down 1 more to go, see you again in 3 years."
Dee Brown

webassets/sun.jpg"Just a tiny token of our appreciation for the many things you do
to make Jillian's days with you enjoyable and exciting. Thank you,"
The Redmon's


webassets/sun.jpg"Many thanks for everything Miss Suzie and Miss Shelby have done to give Owen a fantastic preschool experience.
He looked forward to school everyday. Each day he asked if he was going to school, he was always so excited to go.
This positive experience has given him a wonderful foundation for Kindergarten."
Many thanks,
The Luton's


webassets/sun.jpg"Thank you for taking such good care of my son for me! We have loved having Miss Suzie as a teacher for both of our boys."
Thank you,
The Konoski's

webassets/sun.jpg"I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great teacher Miss Suzie to Kole.
You have no idea how important you are in our lives. So thank you for teaching him and
for just being a great person in his life."


webassets/sun.jpg"We have had the pleasure of five years with Sky Valley Preschool. The teachers have been amazingly loving and caring towards both my kids. They go above & beyond to teach and nurture the kids-each & everyone! I'm truly going to miss them ( until our baby is per school age that is!!) Great school and place for any child!! :-))"

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