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What we are Learning
Welcome, Familes, All About Me, & Fall
Social Skills:
What does my day look like?
Classroom Routines
SVPA Families
Friday, August 18th

First Day of School
MWF Classes - Wednesday, September 6th
 T/TH Classes - Thursday, September 7th


September Birthdays

Briggs - 5

Tucker - 29


webassets/c.jpg We follow the CDC COVID-19 Safety Regulations
Teachers wear face shield or masks, helath checks upon arrival.
Temperature taken and hand sanitier when child arrives.
Hand washing when leaving and entering class and at snack time.
Centers will have limits on how many can be in them at a time and
toys will be sanitized daily. All hard surfaces will be sanitized through 
out the day. Drop off and pick up will be at classrooom entrance.
Teaching staff will be the same through out the day.









Scholastic Book Order:

Order by Friday, September 15th

Thank you for all your support!

Online orders only

School code: GRN3M



Hello and welcome to the 2023-2024 School year!

Let me intoduce myself my name is Miss Zoey, I'am 24 years old and I have lived in Washington my whole life. A fun fact about me is I was apart of the very first class that Sky Valley Preschool had.
I enjoy cooking and baking and hanging out cozied up on a rainy day watching movies. I can't wait to meet you, I know this is going to be a great year!
Miss Zoey  




2023-2024 School Year Calendar
6th - M-W-F Class First Day of School
7th -  T-TH Class First Day of School
10th - Veterans Day
23rd & 24th - Thanksgiving
18th - January, 2nd - Christmas Break

3rd & 4th - Classes Resume
15th - Martin Luther King Jr Day
16th - 19th - President's Day Weekend
8th - 12th - Spring Break
24th - 27th - Memorial Weekend
13th - T-TH Class Last Day
14th - M-W-F Class Last Day

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