Girls Gymnastics is offered weekdays and is an ongoing class. Students progress through levels by completing a list of skills and knowledge of positions and vocabulary. They will use the floor, bars, beams, vault, trampoline and tumbling pit in class, learning level appropriate skills on each. Games and contest are a fun way to end the class and are done monthly as a group.


Classes Offered

 Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced. Classes are limited to 8 students with the exception of special event nights. The classes are divided up by age and are for girls ages 6 - 16. They will receive a skills chart to take home for review. We fill the charts out monthly and move kids to the next level once they have learned all the skills on each event and can perform them correctly.

Girls Gymnastics Classes

Registration Fee: $40,  Family: $60

1 Hour Class - 1 Day Per Week - $75 Per Month

1 Hour Class - 2 Days Per Week - $140 Per Month







Where do I go from here?

Sky Valley offers girls that are interested in taking it to the next level a progressive team program. We have a Junior Olympic Team Program for Levels 1 - 10. These team programs are usually by invite only but if your child is interested in being a competitive gymnast please let us know and we will find the best fit for her current ability level.